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Doesn't VoIP have poor call quality?

VoIP technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. All you need is a high-speed internet connection: CallControl VoIP provides crisp, crystal-clear call quality, at all times, with minimal bandwidth requirements. Schedule one of our live demos to test for yourself!

I heard VoIP is only for large enterprises with many employees or offices?

Enterprises that make a lot of calls, or with multiple office locations, will make an immediate return on investment. But many smaller businesses benefit equally: they no longer need to invest in expensive infrastructure & resources. Other small enterprises choose VoIP because of its easy scalability, flexibility and portability. And the many powerful features and business tools in a modern VoIP solution like CallControl drive productivity and make it easier to compete with industry giants.

We already have VoIP from our telco – and yet we haven’t saved a penny on calls. Why is that?

Really? Many service providers install a so-called E1 & IP PBX platform, which is a digital extension onto a traditional analog phone system. E1 is not VoIP – it normally does not use the internet for transmitting calls, has none of the critical benefits of real VoIP and does not offer the cost savings of true internet telephony.

We cannot afford even more IT complexity in our business. Won't VoIP add to this complexity?

CallControl, Infinity IT Success’s Enterprise Telephony-as-a-Service (TaaS), is fully managed by us. You get a feature-rich phone service, without the installation, wiring, hardware PBX, in-house IT expertise or other hassles or expenses. As soon as you plug one of our CallControl demo IP phones into your LAN you can start calling. Infinity IT Success provides a fully managed & hosted solution, for your Telephony Peace of Mind.

Do you provide VoIP phone service to regions & cities outside Bangkok?

Yes, we can provide you with a fully functional, high-quality VoIP system anywhere in Thailand with an internet connection. VoIP Chiang Mai. VoIP  Samui. VoIP Chonburi. VoIP Hat Yai. VoIP Pattaya. VoIP Rayong. VoIP Khon Kaen. VoIP Korat. VoIP name the location, we will get you connected. 

We can also provide you with local DID numbers for many Thailand regions. Send us your enquiry and we take it from there...


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