In the challenging COVID-19 period, CallControl provides local businesses with no-hassle VoIP service

During COVID-19, when so many organizations are transitioning to a “work from home” model, dependable solutions for maintaining continuous communication are in high demand.

At such times, the demand for telephony grows to the point that the unbroken operation of telephony becomes the uninterrupted operation of the entire company.

If COVID-19 taught the market anything, it’s that during a crisis or catastrophe, corporate communication is crucial.


Misinformation can result in poor communication, which can affect consumer loss.


Of course, operators that supply these services face increased demands for equipment availability and stability, and CallControl has earned a trustful and long-term vendor of hybrid VoIP solutions of any complexity in this field.


We carefully analyze our customers’ potential and current demands from the first day of the epidemic, making the appropriate proposals on time or adjusting the existing telephone system to the new (emergency) call processing standards.


The most pressing problems facing companies during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Ensuring uninterrupted telephone communication according to the “work from home” model
  2. Implementation of complex algorithms for call forwarding to external mobile numbers (since the office is closed)
  3. Increasing the frequency of internal telephone conversations between employees
  4. Providing mobility and cross-support.

Our highly qualified engineers with vast expertise in the telecommunications business will handle the most challenging tasks, which may need to be accomplished rapidly at times.


The client who uses the CallControl system will not have to strive to explain the needs in the most “technical” way possible; our knowledgeable customer support team will take care of it. The most important thing is to define your requirements, and we’ll create a well-understood project in the form of a diagram based on that.


We focus on the reliability of our platform. The core of our platform is a fully redundant data center, we also use numerous active and proactive monitoring systems that allow us to achieve SLA up to 99.99%


CallControl offers rates for calls over the Internet, including landlines and mobiles. Domestic or international calls are cheaper than regular landline or mobile calls.


Infinity IT Success was founded in Bangkok in 1993 by a team of German and Thai entrepreneurs. Its VoIP clients include international contact centers, logistics providers, financial houses, digital marketers, travel agents, NGOs, and manufacturing companies.

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