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Included in our list of CallControl features, our Interactive-Voice-Response (IVR) system is a powerful tool to welcome & serve your calling customers as well as increase the efficiency & productivity of your team ... thus saving time & money.

Also sometimes called ‘auto-assistant’, ‘auto-attendant’ or ‘virtual receptionist', an IVR is a tool that automates, routes and improves the handling of incoming calls based on rules set by you in advance.

Employees can call or be reached on their own extension wherever they are, at the office, working from home or anywhere with an internet connection. And if the internet is ever down or out of reach, calls are automatically forwarded to mobile.

You know the type of calls that start with ‘Welcome to ABC Company. For Sales, press 1, for Customer Service press 2, to speak to the Operator, press 0…’.  But while in the past only large organizations like banks or telecommunications companies were able to afford IVRs, these 'auto-assistant' technologies today have become very much affordable to even small organizations.

So how does it work?

When an incoming call reaches your company, the CallControl IVR will play one or several automated, pre-recorded messages, questions & prompts, and then, based on the callers response, routes the call to the right agent or to the requested information. Customers select from the options offered, either by touch-tone or by voice commands and then avail themselves to the desired information or person.

The result is

  • less waiting times & lost calls,
  • less money spent on unproductive staff waiting to take calls, and
  • happier customers who promptly and conveniently reach the person who they came to speak to.

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