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What is VoIP & PBX? How does it work?

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) is a technology for making calls over the internet rather than the analog phone system. VoIP converts sound into digital voice data and then transfers it over the internet. VoIP’s digital nature offers powerful potential for call  optimization. Internet calling rates to landlines & mobile phones, domestic or international, are much cheaper than conventional calling rates.

VoIP technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. All you need is a high-speed internet connection to enjoy our crisp, crystal-clear call quality, at all times & with minimal bandwidth requirements.

PBX stands for Private Exchange Branch and basically means 'phone system'. Today's PBX's are often based on software, not hardware. A modern PBX is a central system with many features to control call routing, and it connects user devices to telephone networks (in the case of true VoIP, via the internet).

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Hosted VoIP PBX – the simplicity of the Managed Service model

CallControl VoIP is a hosted/cloud PBX solution. This means we look after all technical complexities for you, and deliver your phone system (i.e. your PBX & VoIP phones) as a service, much like your monthly internet or cable TV subscription. All you do is lean back & enjoy high-end telephony with top customer service.

What we do for you...

Provide a hassle-free telephone experience
Securely host your cloud PBX in Bangkok or elsewhere
Provide desktop or soft phones - optional: mobile SIM integration
Configure the PBX for crystal-clear, HD call quality
Deliver local Bangkok customer service & SLAs
Deliver your phone as an affordable, predictable monthly expense

So you won't need to....

Purchase & install expensive PBX equipment
Design complex telephony configurations for your office
Pay for set-up or implementation
Install wires or telephone ports
Manage the system yourself
Pay for something you don't use

What you get with CallControl Hosted VoIP

Managed Service

  • voip call security


    Enterprise-grade security & business continuity

  • IP phone features


    Powerful call management features

  • better customer service


    Expert support at your doorstep in Bangkok

Call Types

  • Internal Call Extension


    FREE calls, unlimited extensions when needed

  • dedicated Thai DID number


    We help you get your own DID number(s)

  • best voip calling rates


    Best call rates (domestic, international, mobile)

PBX & Network

  • Hosted IP pbx phone

    IP PBX

    PBX hosted in a Bangkok data centre. Connect via the internet.

  • Hosted PBX


    Connect users, branches & countries via SIP trunk with the outside world

Device Options

  • ip desktop phone


    Just connect to your LAN and make calls right away

  • soft phone


    Make calls via PC. Ideal for customer service or call centers

  • smartphone application


    Make VoIP calls anywhere with internet...worldwide

  • mobile sim


    Equip your staff with VoIP-connected company SIM cards

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