Why organizations choose CallControl?

10 VoIP system advantages = real bottom-line business value



Fully managed service

No capital investment, infrastructure, wiring, upgrade hassles or in-house expertise required.


Highly scalable

Easily grow your business, and connect new users or branches only when you need them.


Organic application integration

Integrate your phone system with CRM, email, calendar and other applications.


FREE internal company calls

All internal calls between extensions & company sites are FREE, even across cities or countries. 


Quick & easy set-up

We set you up with fully functional phone system in 5-8 days. All you need is internet & LAN ports.


Seamless mobility

Use phone & number anywhere with an internet connection. Never miss an important call.


Enterprise-grade security

Firewalled, encrypted, hosted in the best Bangkok data center.



Powerful call features in abundance. Now even smaller companies can manage calls likes pros.


Cheapest call rates

Our domestic, international & mobile call rates can reduce your call bills by 50-70%


Crystal-clear HD call quality

We configure for high-definition call quality. Request a FREE demo trial to test yourself.

Test the HD call quality with a FREE DEMO TRIAL


First Impression Matters

Someone calls your company. How do you greet them? Can they conveniently and promptly reach the right person?

CallControl's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to set up a pre-recorded, professional voice greeting, with pre-defined options (e.g. ‘press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service’) to speed up the process and ensure callers reach the right person. You can even offer different voice greetings for different times of the day, such as during and outside of office hours.

Never Miss an Important Call

Customers who can’t get through on the phone will often call your competitor. But with features such as Virtual Receptionist (IVR), Follow Me, Call Forwarding or Ring Groups your important calls will never remain unanswered. The call either follows the correct person until they answer, or another designated person can take the call instead. Voice messages will reach you quicker because they are sent to your email inbox.

CallControl lets you set the rules for how calls reach their destination.

Professional Brand Image

Do away with the confusing mix of landline and mobile numbers. Advertise just one branded number. Then, unleash the power of your Virtual Receptionist and have it connect to unlimited extensions. This will enhance the customer experience and thus your company image. With Call Screening, you see who is calling before you answer, so you can make the welcome personal, and have an informed, customer-oriented conversation.

With CallControl you demonstrate professional attitude, service-mindedness and commitment to details.


Seamless mobility

With an internet-based telephony system such as CallControl's VoIP, which is essentially independent of a physical location, real and seamless mobility becomes reality.

Employees can call or be reached on their own extension wherever they are, at the office, working from home or anywhere with an internet connection. And if the internet is ever down or out of reach, calls are automatically forwarded to mobile.

Training, development & optimization

Hosted PBX features such as call recording, call whispering and call barging have great potential for training and developing phone communication skills, for example for sales or customer service staff.

And our reporting and analytics features allow managers to better understand calling dynamics (e.g. peak times, dropped calls, queuing efficiency, call durations, etc.). These insights help drive better management decisions.


With the CallControl's many features, collaboration becomes easy and convenient. Colleagues can always be reached on their extension, even when they are outside the office. Free calls between extensions warrant that conversations can take as long as required.

And conference calls between different branches and countries are so easy to set up, don’t cost a dime and benefit from the crystal-clear HD voice quality of our solution.


free internal voip calls

Free calls between extensions, branches, countries

All calls within the same company network are completely free of charge. It doesn’t matter how many branches you have, or where your offices are located. Internal calls are FREE, even if you have branches in Bangkok, New York, Sydney, and Moscow. Never feel pressured again to cut short a conversation or resort to laborious back-and-forth email exchange. Call for as long as you like with your colleagues.

Only pay for what you need

While conventional PABX systems either have excess capacity, or become restrictive as a company grows, our solution perfectly scales to the size of your business. If you start with 20 users and desktop phones, you will only pay for 20 users and desktop phones. When tomorrow you hire more people or open a new branch, we add additional extensions at the flick of a switch and deliver new phones overnight to your office.

scalable business phone solutions
voip calling rates

Best calling rates

Compared to standard telco calling rates, our internet calling rates are hard to beat. In Thailand, our SIP trunk providers charge between THB 0.87 and THB 1.0 per minute to landlines and mobiles. For international calls, our rates are cheaper than, say, Skype (if you have specific countries in mind, do ask about our rates).

No capital investments or set-up costs

Our Telephony-as-a-Service (TaaS) business model means you don’t need to make any heavy investments to get a fully functional, feature-rich business phone system. No equipment, no wiring, no additional ports, no dedicated PABX space. And you don’t need to hire any in-house expertise to set-up and maintain equipment: because, except for the desktop phones we provide you with, there is no equipment to be maintained. We don’t even charge you a set-up fee. All you need is one LAN port per user and the internet, and you’re good to go.

Telephony as a service model
how voip increases organizational efficiency

Unleash organizational efficiencies

CallControl offers the potential for many other money saving efficiencies. Only three examples:

  • You may no longer need a dedicated full-time receptionist for each office branch if you make good use of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and route all calls through one head office receptionist.
  • Conference calls empower employees to collaborate effectively and save on travel costs.
  • Giving work-from-home options can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and reduce overheads.

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